Saam - Aikido

Saam – Aikido

Saam wil de mogelijkheden van mensen om contact te kunnen maken en in verbinding te zijn vergroten - Goes, Zeeland

Aiki-lab seminar: Aikido through connection

With: Hans de Win sensei
Sunday, November 25, 2018

This seminar builds on the lessons of Corky Quakenbush sensei. In his Aiki lab seminars we were able to get acquainted with aikido where the connection (ki-flow) is central and no techniques are used. In this seminar we do a lot of exercises, hopefully making this method easier and more transparent.

We are also going to work on applying this technique and non-violent method in a practice in which techniques are important. We look at the different roles of nage and uke and a few separate techniques. They turn out to have very nice new learning experiences when they are looked at from the aiki-lab perspective.
In this seminar, therefore, attention is paid to aikido with and without techniques, whereby the distinction between one and the other may become increasingly vague, because unity is the basis of aikido.

Hans de Win teaches at Saam-aikido. More information about his teachers and vision can be found on the teachers page and the vision page of this site.

The aim of this seminar is not just aikidopractice. The goal is also to meet and make new aikido contacts. The invitation goes out to aikidokas of all styles.

We look forward to meeting you on the mat on November 25 in Oost-Souburg.

NB: Are you interested, but you can not be there, or is that still uncertain, let us know! Please share this page within your aikido network.


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